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Industrial water treatment and drinking water
Membrane technology specialists

CHEMDOC Water Technologies is a manufacturer of high-tech equipment for the filtration, purification and demineralization of industrial water and for the treatment of drinking water.

Our proven expertise in membrane technologies and water chemistry enables us to meet all the needs of the industrial water and drinking water cycle for communities as well as the desalination of seawater and brackish water.

This know-how in design and manufacturing is completed by a strong expertise in services and solutions for industrial cooling systems and heat networks.

Our project engineering department allows us to respond to the most complex needs of our industrial customers, water treatment professionals, engineers and public buildings managers.

Years of experience in water treatment
Installed water production units
Components and references at the base of our equipments
Hours of operation per year
m3 of water produced per year for our customers
Offices abroad, with the Synergeau Consortium membership
Our goal of customer satisfaction!
Of our equipments are energy efficient
Salvador Pérez Dirigeant CHEMDOC Water Technologies

Salvador Pérez
CHEMDOC Water Technologies

In 2018, CHEMDOC will enter its 20th year!

“I expressed the will that our organization will focus on your needs with high technological products and services.
This new organization begins with a new visual identity that affirms our commitment to be at the forefront of European manufacturers of membrane technologies and expand our international activity around the markets of the low energy desalination and Reuse (recycling of treated wastewater).

The 20th century was the century of oil, the 21st century will be the century of water, which scarcity is a major challenge for humanity.
This new decade of life of our company starts with a new ambition, a new R & D unit and innovative products that will participate in the challenges of resource scarcity and an environmentally friendly growth of our planet.

The equipments that we are developing for the industry contribute to the objectives of our clients by strengthening their competitiveness by lower energy costs, removal of chemicals, secure processes and people.
With this theme of energy efficiency, environmental and safety that new solutions are being developed for applications as varied as health risk management including Legionella, steam production, control of fouling and corrosion.

Our customers’ trust is the result of our daily efforts to deliver efficient facilities and value-added services; and the recognition of the values ​​of our company: responsiveness, quality requirements and respect for our commitments.”

Company Location

CHEMDOC Water Technologies is established in France, near the city of Montpellier since 1998.
Our headquarters and manufacturing plant are located within the cluster of expertise of Clermont
l’Hérault, located 30 minutes from Montpellier.
CHEMDOC is a member of France Water Team which is a reference “brand” internationally which aims to:
Collaborate on international development joint actions for the water sector companies
Promote and support the development of their member companies in export through an integrated
We are also engaged in an R & D program with the European Institute of Membranes of Montpellier; and we are a partner of the SYNERG’EAU Consortium.


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