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Reverse osmosis drinking water treatment, sea water and brackish water desalination

Drinking water can come from different natural resources, groundwater, surface water, rivers but also seawater ; but drinking water meets strict standards at international level and in the European Union, and should be exempt from :

  • suspended solids,
  • microorganisms,
  • toxic and polluting substances.

And to comply with recommendations in terms of concentration of minerals (calcium, magnesium, sulphates and iron), in order to guarantee its balance and to present a “taste pleasant to drink”.

CHEMDOC is a French manufacturer of high-tech equipment for filtration and treatment of drinking water and desalination with recognized expertise in membrane technology processes and water chemistry.

We manufacture compact, ready-to-connect, turnkey equipment for water treatment and drinking water with a daily capacity of up to 5000 m³ / Day.

Our know-how and expertise are based on reverse osmosis and ultrapure process water technology, allowing us to meet all the needs of drinking water for communities as well as desalination on seawater and brackish water, even the most complex and innovative projects ( including Reuse, Gray water for irrigation, renewable energy production).

We deliver equipment in Pre-manufactured installations in containers ready to connect,
That allows us to offer :

  • a delivery in the shortest time,
  • compact processing processes similar to the largest installations,
  • economic gains through the reduction of complex civil works.

20 years of experience and expertise in the field of water, made available to customers Worldwide.

Our customers :

Communities, cities, the real estate and tourism sector including ressorts, hotels, spas, hydrotherapy, and the bottled water sector.

Our services :

Audit, expertise and advice

  • studies and dimensioning, Design & Build,
  • physico-chemical mineral diagnosis,
  • removal of pollutants (iron, calcium, sodium),,
  • disinfection,
  • optimization of drinking water resources,
  • test Industrial pilot, realization, rental of pilot reverse osmosis, integrated ultrafiltration,
  • water analyzes, ion balances, control and diagnosis on media and membranes,,

Design, manufacture and installation of drinking water treatment equipment

  • upgrading and modernization of your production tools,,
  • Design of new turnkey processing lines manufactured by us up to the PLC,
  • Made in France

Water engineering

Our project engineering department can design and build industrial process water and drinking water treatment plants, from the definition of the project to the turnkey supply and realization of specific equipment or complete installations.
Based on an audit or the expression of your needs and an analysis of the input data supplemented if necessary by carrying out analyzes and laboratory tests or even the implementation of a pilot on site.

Features :

Drinking Water Standards – ACS – NSF – WRAS

All our installations and processes for the drinking water market are manufactured with equipment benefiting from the ACS certification (Certificate of Sanitary Compliance) issued by :

  • the French Ministry of Health (or equivalent authorization,
  • NSF, NSF-ANSI 61 (American Public Health and Safety),
  • WRAS, Drinking Water Inspectorate et WRAS), DWCS, Drinking Water Systems Components,
  • WRAS approval (Water regulations advisory scheme).

Innovation at the service of our customers :

  • decrease in energy consumption,
  • decrease in water consumption (rinse cycle),
  • increase of the availability cycle,
  • reuse and recycling effluents for watering, irrigation.

Our Commitment : Meet your Goals 

  • lower your costs,
  • secure your drinking water supply,
  • reduce the environmental footprint (water, energy, chemical releases),

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