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Water filters, reverse osmosis, ions exchange water softeners, Ultrafiltration

CHEMDOC designs and built high-tech equipment for the filtration, purification and demineralization of industrial water.

Our proven expertise in membrane technologies and water chemistry allows us to meet all the needs of the industrial water cycle.

Our project engineering department can design and built industrial process water plants, from the definition of the project to the turnkey supply and realization of specific equipment.

Design of new turnkey processing lines manufactured by us up to the PLC.
Revamping, upgrading and modernization of your production facilities

Industrial water quality for all applications :

Whether you are involved in microelectronics or in the pharmaceutical industry, we know how to design the facilities that meet the most stringent water quality standards

  • Water heaters for steam generators (boilers),
  • Cooling water on a cooling circuit,
  • Cooling water (chilled water, brine water, etc.),
  • Process water (UPW and PW).

Manufacturing industrial water equipment :

Filtration, ion exchange, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis,

Complete processing chains

Customized range From 1m³/H up to 500m³/H

We supply services and expertise for  :

  • Industrial water, process, pure, ultra-pure water
  • Membrane technology
  • Protection against scaling, corrosion, clogging, biological development
  • Recycling and industrial reuse


Our commitment :

The best solution to satisfy the needs of our customers

You are unique, we never reason on the standard range base!

High reliability & Quality to guarantee the best availability of equipment

Your process requires 100% availability of our equipment, it is our goal, we use the best components, pumps, valves, to guarantee the availability that your process require, all our equipments are Quality Made in France.

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