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Equipment and services for industrial water cycle, cooling circuits, Reuse

The process and the steam generationare the most important water consumption on an industrial site, whether this water is used in the cooling systems, the boilers, or the product itself.

Each industrial site requires a specific approach in order to meet your water quality requirements

CHEMDOC has a complete expertise on the water cycle in industry that covers the following areas :

  • industrial water, industrial, process water, pure and ultra-pure water,
  • membrane technologies,
  • protection against scaling, corrosion, clogging, biological development including Legionella,
  • recycling and industrial reuse.

Whatever the type of process water (washing water, water for steam production, water for cooling circuits) CHEMDOC Water Technologies offers a complete range of equipment and related services, at the center of the industrial water cycle

CHEMDOC’s Facilities & Services :
At the heart of the industrial water cycle

CHEMDOC Water Industrial Water Cycle

Provenance of the water: groundwater, river, sea, public distribution systems, reuse from waste water treatment plant.

Industrial process need

  • water heaters for steam generators (boilers),
  • cooling water on a cooling circuit,
  • cooling water (chilled water, brine water, etc.),
  • process water (UPW and PW),
  • condensats,
  • reuse.

Our customer’s activity domains

  • Oil & Gas,
  • Metallurgy, Mining, food and beverage, chemicals,
  • Pharmaceuticals, Microelectronics, Glass, energy, waste.,
  • energy.

Trade references :

ChemDoc Water Client TOTAL
ChemDoc Water Client NESTLE
ChemDoc Water Client SERM
ChemDoc Water Client AREVA

Expertise :

  • audit, expertise and consulting, design and built.

  • physico-chemical mineral diagnosis,

  • Treatment of groundwater, raw and surface water,

  • Audits of ion-exchange resin and membrane separation systems,

  • Optimization of industrial water resources (saving water and energy),

  • Industrial pilot test, reverse osmosis pilot rental

  • Water analyzes, ion balances, control and diagnosis on media and membranes (UF / RO) for complex investigations: clogging, contamination.

Design and built water treatment equipments :

  • Design and built water treatment plant, processing lines,

  • Upgrading and modernization of your production tools,

CHEMDOC Water Made In France

Water engineering :

Our project engineering department can design and built industrial process water and drinking water treatment plants, from the definition of the project to the turnkey supply and realization of specific equipment or complete installations .
Based on an audit or the expression of your needs and an analysis of the input data supplemented if necessary by carrying out analyzes and laboratory tests or even the implementation of a pilot on site.

Equipements et Services :



MASE Certification :

CHEMDOC is certified MASE that’s mean Security is our business.

MASE is a security management system whose objective is the permanent and continuous improvement of the performance of Health and Safety.

It is a system of industrials at the service of industrials who seeks to:

  • improve safety through a management system adapted to the company,
  • better organize, better communicate, improving the working conditions of employees,
  • set up a common language in order to progress together.

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