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Ions exchange water softener, resins for water demineralization

The water according to its degree of hardness (TH Total Hardness) contains calcium and magnesium ions, the hardness generates tartar, which is harmful to the installations, because it leads to the clogging of equipment, as well as the reduction of heat exchange and at the end a decline in quality

The softening of industrial water consists in reducing the hardness by ion exchange on resins.

Our range of modular equipment meets your needs with different ion exchange technologies adapted to the quality of the water to be treated and always offering the best value for money.

We offer you the guarantee of a stable and proven product and a simple implementation.

CHEMDOC Water Technologies also provides maintenance services for your ion exchange units.

  • rehabilitation,
  • spare parts supply,
  • replacement of media (resins).

We perform standard exchange and replacement of the largest brands of ion exchange resins :

  • amberlite, Amberjet ion exchange resin
  • DOW Dowex marathon DOW ion exchange resin
  • purolite ion exchange resin
  • lanxess ion exchange resin

Ions exchange water softeners range and capacities :

Adoucisseurs industriels

  • TH<0.02°F


  • <50ppm


  • TAC 0 et 5°F


  • Cleared<10µs
  • Turbine quality <0.2µs and scio2<25ppb
  • UPW >18Mohms/c

From 1m³/H up to 500m³/H

Uses and applications

  • Supply of steam generators,
  • Production of domestic hot water (DHW),
  • Protection of reverse osmosis units,
  • Production of process water,
  • All applications in the building or industry requiring softened water.

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