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Drinking water disinfection and filtration for borehole water networks

Whether it comes from the natural environment (groundwater or surface water) or from a borehole, the water must be pre-treated in order to be able to be consumed.

Especially for:

  • Removing suspended solids and turbidity,
  • Removing the pollutants (metals, nitrates, trace elements),
  • To be disinfected.

Our range of modular equipment meets your needs with different filtration technologies and filter media adapted to the quality of the water to be treated and always offering the best value for money.

We guarantee a stable and proven product and a simple implementation
CHEMDOC Water Technologies also provides a maintenance service for your units for the treatment of drinking water:

  • Rehabilitation,
  • Spare parts supply,
  • Filter media replacement.

Our filtration range and capacities :

  • Cartridge filters,
  • Sand filters,
  • Carbon filter,
  • Magnetic filters for removal of iron
  • Self-cleaning sieve filters,
  • Demanganization filters

Filtration uses and applications :

  • Borehole waters,
  • Surface water, raw water,
  • Sea water, brackish water

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