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Industrial reverse osmosis for pure, ultrapure and demineralized process water

Reverse osmosis uses a system of membranes through which water (permeate) passes by acting as a very fine filter which removes most of the contaminants and retains them in the concentrate.

This process is used for the demineralisation of industrial process water for cooling circuits, boilers or process. It does not require the use of chemicals.

Implemented on the boiler water the reverse osmosis makes it possible to improve the quality of water and decrease the quantity of purges thus optimizing the operation of these network.

In the finishing treatment of the effluents the reverse osmosis allows the reuse of the purified water.

CHEMDOC is a specialist in membrane processes for industry, designer and manufacturer of industrial reverse osmosis units, we supply and install our equipment in the form of complete processing chains. All our equipments are guaranteed “Quality Made in France”.

That will guarantee you a stable and proven product and a simple implementation

CHEMDOC Water Technologies also provides maintenance services for your Reverse Osmosis units :

  • Rehabilitation,
  • Spare parts supply,
  • Membranes exchange,

We perform standard exchange and replacement of the following membranes :

  • TORAY Romembra CSM membranes,
  • Hydranautics membranes,
  • DOW FILMTEC membranes.

Advantages of CHEMDOC (RO) Reverse Osmosis equipments

CHEMDOC Reverse Osmosis equipments are designed with hollow polyamide membranes, which offers the following advantages :

  • High discharge rates and high flow rates,
  • A wide range of pH pressure and temperature,
  • Long life and resistance to chemical washing,
  • A compact construction, simple to implement and connect, easily expandable.

This will allow you to :

    • High operational reliability,
    • High filtration performance,
    • High chemical resistance,
    • Energy saving in filtration,

Range of capacities

  • From 20m³ / Day to 5000 m³ / Day


Reverse Osmosis uses and applications :

  • Pretreatment of raw water, pre-demined water, boiler water,
  • Control of the clogging index,
  • Abatement of particles, microorganisms,
  • Food and beverage production,
  • Boilers and pre-treatment for cooling towers,
  • Pretreatment for ultra-pure water systems,
  • Steam production and humidification,
  • Generation of energy.

Reverse osmosis and boiler water

Reverse osmosis has a very competitive advantage compared to conventional softening systems,

  • Significant maintenance gain,
  • Saving of water purges,
  • Decrease in chloride releases,
  • Supression of chemical storage,
  • Energy savings,
  • As part of the CCE IND UT 125 energy-saving certificate, our equipments allow the industrial plant to benefit from a subsidy of between 25 and 40%, which will allows the assurance of a return time on Less than 2 years

Certificat CEE IND UT 125 : Certificat Economie Energie IND UT 125 Traitement eau performant sur chaudière de production vapeur

The advantages of reverse osmosis on boiler water ( vs ions exchange technology)

  • Reduction of boiler purges from 25 to 35%,
  • Energy saving (heat),
  • Economy of water treatment products,
  • Optimum efficiency of boilers,
  • Best quality steam,
  • Return on investment from 6 to 18 months,
  • Reuse water for process

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