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Design & Build industrial water and drinking water equipment

At CHEMDOC our specialty is to design and manufacture high-tech equipment for the filtration, purification and demineralization of industrial water and for the treatment of drinking water.

Our recognized expertise in membrane technologies and water chemistry enables us to meet all the needs of the industrial water cycle and drinking water for communities as well as desalination on seawater and brackish water

This know-how in design and manufacturing is completed by a strong expertise in services and solutions for industrial cooling systems and heat networks.

Our project engineering department allows us to respond to the most complex needs of our industrial customers,engineers and public buildings managers.

20 years of expertise in the field of water for our customers worldwide.


Filtration, ion exchange, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, skids and complete processing chains for industrial water.
Customized range from 1m3 / H  upto 500m3 / H.

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Potabilisation, pure water treatment, removal of metals and pollutants, desalination of seawater and brackish water; Skid and complete chains for communities ready to install.

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We provide

  • Expertise and advice

  • Supply of equipment (processes)

  • Service for industry and communities

Markets addressed worldwide :

Industry, communities, resorts, isolated sites, catering and hotel services.

Our commitments :

The best solution to satisfy the needs of our customers

You are unique, we never think about standard range base!

Listening and understanding your needs, proposing improvements, always thinking in Total Cost of Ownership, our expertise and 20 years of experience have demonstrated the relevance of our technical choices, and the highest requirement as a quality basis.

Continuous improvement, reduced consumption and your costs are guiding our technological choices.

High reliability & Quality to guarantee the best availability of equipment

Your process requires 100% availability of our equipment, it is our goal, we are using the best components, pumps, valves, to guarantee the availability that you require.

Responding to your goals :

  • increase your performance, achieve your water quality goals,
  • secure your processes and guarantee the availability of equipment,
  • lower your costs,
  • reduce the environmental footprint (water, energy, chemical releases).

Standards and accreditations :

Whether you are involved in the micro-electronics industry or the agri-food industry, we know how to design the most rigorous water quality installations. Ultra pure water, pure water, demineralized water …

Industrial Water Quality :

Drinking Water Standards: ACS – NSF – WRAS

All our equipements and processes for the drinking water market are produced with equipment certified by the French Ministry of Health (ACS) Certificate of Sanitary Compliance issued by the French Ministry of Health; Or equivalent approval.

NSF, NSF-ANSI 61 (American Public Health and Safety).

WRAS, Drinking Water Inspectorate and WRAS, DWCS, Drinking Water Systems Components.

WRAS approval (Water regulations advisory scheme).