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Boiler descaling, cooling towers cleaning, membranes exchange

We provide our industrial customers with a range of services related to our expertise in water chemistry and disinfection.

Cooling towers Cleaning and disinfectionn

  • Mechanical and chemical descaling of cooling air towers,
  • Annual monitoring maintenance and legionella disinfection certificate,
  • Treatment of biofilm,
  • Legionella monitoring and disinfection service for cooling networks,

Chemical cleaning and descaling

  • Chemical descaling of plate heat exchangers, de-soiling,
  • Hydrodynamic demisting of heat network
  • Chemical cleaning and passivation,
  • Glycol systems (desorbing and recovery of glycol),

Pilot test and industrial pilot lease

  • Reverse osmosis pilot test,
  • Ultrafiltration pilot test,
  • Pilot test filtration,
  • Renting reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration.

Supply of consumables for equipment

  • Supply and replacement of membranes,
  • Supply and replacement of ion exchange resins,
  • Supply and replacement of packing for cooling tower

Water Engineering

All our services are subject to a precise and detailed audit and validation by our Engineering Department.

On the basis of an audit or the expression of your needs and an analysis of the input data supplemented if necessary by carrying out analyzes and laboratory tests or even the implementation of a pilot on site.

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