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Ultrafiltration membranes, equipment and complete treatment chains

Ultrafiltration is a membrane technology process that allows clarification and disinfection of water in a single step. The pressurized water enters the module and the water produced (filtrate) passes through the membrane barrier.

The retained substances (retentat) are removed from the module continuously or periodically, depending on the system used.

The membrane wall acts as a filter for all particles larger than 10-20 nm (algae, parasites, bacteria, viruses, germs and organic molecules).

Ultrafiltration makes it possible to obtain water of constant quality even if the water to be treated varies greatly in quality and turbidity; It is used for the total removal of suspended solids (bacteria, parasites, viruses, organic molecules and colloids).

The use of membrane ultrafiltration makes it possible to avoid and limit the use of chemicals.

We offer you the guarantee of a stable and proven product and a simple implementation.

CHEMDOC Water Technologies also provides maintenance services for your ultra filtration units :

  • Rehabilitation,
  • Spare parts supply,
  • Membranes exchange,

We perform standard exchange and replacement of the following membranes :

  • PENTAIR Membranes,
  • INGE BASF Membranes,
  • Hydranautics Membranes,
  • DOW Membranes,
  • Polymem membranes.

CHEMDOC Ultrafiltration equipmentsare designed with hollow polyethersulfone membranes, which offers:

  • The advantage of being the most robust whatever the applications,
  • A constant treated water quality,
  • A total abatement of the suspended solids,
  • A compact construction, simple to implement and connect, easily expandable.

This will allow you to :

  • High operational reliability,
  • High filtration performance,
  • High chemical resistance,
  • Energy saving in filtration,

Range of capacities
From 1m³ / H to 500m³ / H

Applications :

  • Pre-treatment of raw water before demineralization, boiler water,
  • Clogging index control
  • Abatement of particles, and microorganisms.

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